Task Matching

Using our proprietary AI develop code automatically from written English requirements similar to Chat GPT. SES uses supervised training to continually learn and can even self learn by scanning your code, searching for intriguing functions. Also, similar to Einstein GPT's Trust layer with SES you can place guardrails around new functions built by our AI.

Code Quality Analysis

Using SES mathematical algorithms you gain a deeper understanding of your code than is possible using tools like CheckMarx, PMD and SonarQube. Hidden defects in your code are exposed that other tools cannot discover.


Rapidly shorten development cycle time (by 50%+) by selecting pre-built snippets of code. Also capture, analyse and gain insights through Code Review sessions.

Duplicate Code Analysis

Stops developers producing duplicate code which slows down delivery and system performance. Making code more manageable and understandable.

Dead Code Analysis

Cleaner systems make more manageable systems and easier to diagnose and fix. SES identifies under-used as well as dead code to make a more efficient system.

Jira Enabled

Direct bi-directional flow of requirements between Jira and SES aids smooth project and program delivery.

Hub and Spoke

SES is uniquely able to perform analysis on targeted Spoke Salesforce systems without having to be installed in the Spoke system and returning analysis results to the Hub Salesforce system.

Auto Technical Documentation

Automatically create technical documentation consistently, describing code structure, dependencies and code analysis statistics. New developer on-boarding, defect fixing and new feature build times are reduced.

Object Requirement Gathering

Ensures business requirements for objects and fields are captured accurately, consistently and quickly through SES's guided journey interactive wizard. Eliminates multiple change requests and deployments.


With SES Frameworks you can build in seconds entire apex trigger frameworks; a framework for creation of simple or complex unit test data. SES Frameworks saves you valuable development time and speeds up your delivery.