Can I try SES out for a period?

Yes you can, but because there are a number of pre and post installation steps that are necessary you need to first express interest for a trial and a SES engineer will install our app in a selected environment.

SES features are wide ranging across the entire SDLC. Where do I begin?

First choose what is most important to you.

Are requirements gathering poorly captured?
Is your development process too slow?
Do you have too much duplicated code?
Are you suffering from code quality issues?

Once you understand where your main issues are our Success Managers will guide you of how to maximise benefit from our app

And when you need immediate help there are many tutorial videos, help documents and help tips throughout the app providing further guidance.

Does any of my code escape out of my Salesforce environment?

No. SES is totally native in Salesforce and therefore analysis is solely conducted in your environment and none of your codebase, know how and IP is taken from your system without your implicit instruction.

Installing SES into hundreds of clients of an SI will take too much time.

SES has a unique feature in Salesforce native apps allowing SES to be installed just once into a Hub system and using oAuth technology connecting to individual spoke Salesforce systems almost all of the capability of SES can be performed on any spoke system.

For customers with very strict security policies preventing any apps being installed in their system, SES uniquely satisfies even the most strictest of security policies.

What happens if my code base grows, do I pay more?

Unfortunately yes, as you develop more code and move into higher tiers your monthly cost will increase.

But our features help you to control code growth using Duplicate code analysis, Dead code analysis and our features generally promote re-use of code.

Do I pay only for 1 subscription for Hub and Spoke?

No, each spoke will incur additional separate license costs.

How can I know what SES is developing on their roadmap?

Our development roadmap is publicised directly inside our app in the Help section.